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We have years of experience in our field and offer you convenient appointments that work around your busy schedule. Schedule your appointment with psychologist Dr. Beatrice L. Mittman today to get started. We look forward to serving you.

Dream interpretation work

Are you having recurring dreams that are keeping you up at night wondering the meaning? Do you have constant nightmares that you can't seem to shake or put behind you? If you're having troubles at night while you sleep and you want to know why, we're the ones to call.


Learn why your dreams occur as they do and how you can change or understand them better. Make an appointment with our experts today and gain valuable insight on what your dreams mean and how they can be impacted by your daily life.

  • Dream analysis

  • Step-by-step tools

  • Powerful coping mechanisms

  • Help re-directing your thoughts and reactions

  • Changing your dreams

  • Help with nightmares

  • Help with recurring dreams

Give us a call at your convenience to schedule your appointment for dream interpretation.

Everyone dreams, but few people know what their dreams actually mean and what they indicate in their lives. Learn the meaning of your dreams today by scheduling an appointment with us.

We offer you:

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